OUR FRIENDS IN ANKARA: Baghdad warns of ‘regional war’ over Turkish military presence.

The tensions between Iraq and Turkey have risen to the surface ahead of a long-expected offensive by Iraqi and U.S.-backed forces to retake the northern city of Mosul from Islamic State.

Turkey has warned the attack would send a wave of refugees over its border and, potentially, on to Europe.

Ankara also worries Baghdad’s Shi’ite Muslim-led forces will destabilize the largely Sunni city close to its territory.

It is uncomfortable with the arrangement of Kurdish forces expected to take part in the Mosul offensive, with the blessing of Baghdad and Washington.

Turkey announced late on Tuesday it was calling in Iraq’s ambassador to complain about the parliamentary vote, and the foreign ministry issued a statement expressing disappointment.

It will be years before we’re done paying the price for treating ISIS like the “jayvee.”