DO YOU HAFF YOUR PAPERS? Trump Foundation reportedly doesn’t have proper paperwork to solicit money.

The Washington Post reported Thursday that the Trump Foundation didn’t obtain registration that’s needed to ask for donations, according to a spokesman for New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman.

New York law states that any charity that asks for more than $25,000 per year needs to obtain a special registration before soliciting offers. The Trump Foundation, a fairly large charity, must also undergo an audit that asks whether the charity spent any money for personal gain of its top officials. The paper noted that it’s unclear whether the $25,000 was solicited or whether the solicitation occurred in New York.

Schneiderman could order the charity to stop raising money immediately if the allegations turn out to be true. The Democratic attorney general could also make Trump return any money that had been raised.

Yes, of course the Clinton Foundation does far worse than skip out on paperwork, but this has been a week of largely unforced errors for the Trump campaign, starting about 40 minutes into Monday night’s debate.

And hopefully it ended with this morning’s bizarre oh-dark-thirty tweetstorm about Alicia Machado and her non-existent sex tape.