MILLIONAIRES AND BILLIONAIRES UNITED: How Democrats Stopped Worrying and Learned to Love Big Donor Money

The flow of money, documented in Federal Election Commission reports, shows Democrats expanding their fund-raising advantage in the final phase of the presidential race, defying expectations at the beginning of the campaign that Republicans would dominate the money chase.

The shift has allowed the national Democratic Party to overcome a cash shortage and provide Democrats in key states like Virginia and North Carolina with money for early voting drives, additional staff and canvassing aimed up and down the ticket.

The Democratic National Committee — in debt and underfinanced a year ago — has poured nearly $30 million into these key states through the beginning of September. The funding was powered by a surge of six-figure contributions raised by Mrs. Clinton from the likes of James Cameron, the Hollywood director, and George Soros, the retired hedge fund manager, as well as several members of the billionaire Pritzker family.

As the man accused of accepting tainting money for his charity is supposed to have said, “The only thing tainted about it is there taint enough of it.”