August 23, 2016

ANALYSIS: TRUE. Through greater trade we can have a greater Britain.

The exact nature of Brexit — hard or soft — remains to be seen, but the minimum requirement should be the removal of the Common Customs Tariff, which will allow the UK to negotiate our own trade deals once again. The EU boasts about the 56 trade agreements signed with non-EU countries.

But of these, only 24 are with countries within the top 100 economies in the world, and only 11 are within the top 50. The total combined GDP in 2015 of these 56 countries in January 2015 was $6.7 trillion — put to shame by the massive achievements of much smaller countries such as Switzerland ($39.8 trillion) and Chile ($58.3 trillion).

Brexit will enable the UK to throw off the shackles which EU membership has bound us with.

The vote to Leave the EU was not a vote to Leave Europe — which would be geographically impossible. Nor was it a vote for isolationism (we are not about to sail off into the Atlantic either)! Rather, it was a vote against the advancing European federal superstate, with an entirely Eurocentric focus.

Free trade doesn’t require an ossifying superstate like the EU, or opaque supertreaties like the TPP.

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