August 22, 2016

CLARIFICATION? Donald Trump: ‘I’m not flip-flopping’ on immigration.

“I’m not flip flopping,” the Republican presidential nominee told Fox News on the issue Monday. “We want to come up with a fair but firm process. Fair but firm.” He did not, however, provide any specifics or elaborate on his position further.

When asked by repeated questioning by CNN’s Dana Bash on “State of the Union” on Sunday whether Trump stood behind the idea of a deportation task force, Kellyanne Conway, Trump’s new campaign manager, responded, “to be determined.”

Conway was responding to reports about what was said in a meeting Trump held on Saturday with a Hispanic advisory council. Sources in the room told BuzzFeed that Trump spoke about a “humane and efficient” way to work with undocumented immigrants in the country currently, which was characterized by BuzzFeed as a way to legalize some and let them stay.

A muddled response to an anticipated question on a potential wedge issue is just one reason why solid and consistent messaging is vital to any winning campaign.

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