August 22, 2016

RESET: Battles rage in East Ukraine.

Anxious Ukrainian soldiers watched a burning building where vehicles have been destroyed. The footage released by Ukraine’s Defence Ministry claimed to show the aftermath of recent shelling by Russian-backed separatists. Since Friday at least two soldiers were reportedly killed, and eight wounded.

Additionally, several civilians were injured. Yet, the shelling here on the outskirts of rebel controlled Donetsk has made it more difficult to treat and rescue injured people suggested a soldier. “Sadly, they hit directly a Ukrainian medical battalion car,” he said while watching the burning building under cover of darkness.

“The fire and the flames spread to our car given to us by volunteers to help the guys. Now I have no idea how we will move around.”

Fighting is also reported at Shyrokyne, along the road to Maripol, which controls land access between Russia and Russian-occupied Crimea.

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