August 18, 2016

HEY, WHY IS OBAMA SO RACIST? “As Twitchy readers know, one newspaper has begged President Obama to stop golfing and start focusing on Baton Rouge. But, hey, he’s got vacationing to do and stuff!”

Related: Where’s Obama? Hillary? Trump? This would be a perfect opportunity for Trump to end run Hillary and our semi-retired president on this issue, but as Rod Dreher writes, “Let’s check out Donald Trump’s statements in the same period of time. He’s said nothing to the media. On Twitter, where he is famously logorrheic, he has sent out 35 tweets since Friday. Number of tweets that mention the Louisiana disaster: zero. Number of tweets that gripe about media bias: ten.”

Sad! And more than a little pathetic, considering the opportunity both for his campaign, and prospect of bringing increased media attention to the disaster, just by campaigning in Louisiana or pounding Obama and Hillary for dropping the ball in his speeches.

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