August 15, 2016

THE HOLLYWOOD REPORTER: ‘Nightly Show’ Canceled; Larry Wilmore “Saddened” By “Unblackening” at Comedy Central:

Wilmore, who informed his staff of the network’s decision early Monday, didn’t hide his disappointment. “I’m really grateful to Comedy Central, Jon Stewart, and our fans to have had this opportunity,” he says in a statement to THR, leaning on his “Keeping it 100” mantra as he continued: “But I’m also saddened and surprised we won’t be covering this crazy election or ‘The Unblackening’ as we’ve coined it. And keeping it 100, I guess I hadn’t counted on ‘The Unblackening’ happening to my time slot as well.”

Three questions: On the one hand, if you run with Wilmore’s claim and it’s how it’s framed by the Hollywood Reporter in its headline to its logical conclusion, they’re accusing Comedy Central and its parent company Viacom of institutional racism for cancelling him. If so, why are Democrat-run media outlets such cesspits of racism?

On the other hand, what does Wilmore’s cancellation say about the viewing habits of Comedy Central’s core audience of leftwing coastal elites and those who virtue signal that they wish to be members of the corporatist caste?

And finally, on the gripping hand, didn’t Jon Stewart “jokingly” warn Wilmore in 2010 that his race card had been maxed out?

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