August 9, 2016

OUTRAGE OF THE DAY: SJW Internet Freaks Out about How ‘Wearing Camo Can Be Anti-Feminist’

“Let’s have a conversation about the basic origin of camouflage, shall we?” self-described “queer/femme antagonist” Annah Anti-Palindrome writes in a piece for Everyday Feminism titled “These 3 Powerful Stories Show Why Wearing Camo Can Be Anti-Feminist.”

“Camouflage is a dye pattern that was initially made to disguise the bodies of soldiers during combat, so that they could stealthily hunt people on opposing armies,” she writes. “Let me repeat this: Camo patterns were made for the purpose of human hunting.”

“In the spirit of feminism, let us not forget our most basic goal: to create and sustain a world in which people inherently value, revere, and actively support each other’s survival,” she continues.

Unless of course you don’t fall into line with the SJW crowd, in which case all bets are off.

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