August 7, 2016

SPOT THE LOGICAL FALLACY HERE: “Director Fernando Mereilles and his team delivered a sobering call to address global warming and deforestation cloaked in a stirring multicultural celebration of tolerance,” the Hollywood Reporter, err reports in an article headlined “Opening Ceremony of the Rio Olympics: TV Review.”

If global warming is that threatening to mankind, then why did over 75,000 people fly into Rio on jet aircraft (and no doubt, plenty of private aircraft to boot) to watch a sporting event? Why are millions of watts of electricity being used to light the stadium and televise this event? And countless gallons of gas used to transport the athletes and their audience?

As the Professor is wont to say, I’d more willing to believe global warming is a crisis if the people who tell me it’s a crisis start to act like it’s a crisis themselves, and not simply guilt others because they believe they’re amongst the anointed.

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