August 1, 2016


“Robert F. Kennedy’s daughter Kerry is ‘unhinged’ and acts like the dictator of a banana republic at her father’s eponymous Human Rights charity while she enriches herself off its coffers and has no real direction or talent — at least according to several former employees.

* * * * * * *

‘Her staff fear her, as she has a wicked temper and is quite entitled and belligerent,’ one of thee-employees source told the Post, ‘She has become bitter, mean and angry – and now, clearly, publicly depressed.’
* * * * * * *

According to the report, Kennedy treats staff poorly, acts erratically and her actions have led to nine employees to leave the charity in the past year alone. The [New York Post] reports that tax filings show she paid herself a whopping $357,340 in 2014. She also flies only business class, changes and no-shows on tickets at costly whims and only stays at four star hotels, including when in Paris staying at the same $500-a-night hotel as John Kerry — all billed to the charity. And the Paris trip was for the sole purpose, the disgruntled former employees claim, of screening a movie with Javier Bardem.”

I hope her brother isn’t aware of that last item, given that he’s on record as stating in 2014 that he wants a law to “punish” (his word) global warming skeptics: “They are contemptible human beings.”

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