July 28, 2016


Trump is sarcastic. He’s easily exercised. And when he starts in on a subject and the room temperature rises, you get more of that. The media loves to act offended and point to this as a reason why he must not be qualified to lead America. But the fact is that sarcasm and the occasional expletive are part and parcel of how much of the nation actually speaks. This has left the media completely flummoxed, leading to the headlines about how Trump is going to sell out our national security to Russia.

Do you honestly believe he’s that daft? If so, then you’re ready to believe anything about him. Trump’s not a politician and he doesn’t talk like a politician. Sooner or later cable news is going to have to come to terms with that.

In an outrage culture, it pays to be outrageous. Even if it invites the death glare from CNN. Especially if it invites the death glare from CNN.

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