FRED HIATT: Justice Ginsburg’s Trump Derangement Syndrome is a bad sign.

Now that Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg has taken herself to the woodshed, it’s worth asking what her brief bout of Trump Derangement Syndrome says about our system’s ability to withstand four years of a Trump presidency.

Short answer: It is not a good omen.

As the idea of a President Trump has evolved from laughable to unlikely to oh-my-god-this-might-actually-happen, a debate has raged in Washington.

The debate is not over the man’s fitness for office — few people privately will make the case that Donald Trump is qualified or temperamentally suitable to be commander in chief — but over how much damage he might do.

Notorious RBG’s injudicious outburst was Trump’s fault? Hiatt might want to ask himself who else might be suffering from TDS.