YAWN: Maddow to Rolling Stone: To Prepare for President Trump, I’m Reading Up on Hitler’s First Months.

Will they be anything like “the coming American police state,” the “continuation of the Rove-Cheney cabal, but this time without restraints,” which would be ushered in by “Sarah ‘Evita’ Palin,” as predicted by former Al Gore advisor Naomi Wolf in her fever swamp blog at the Huffington Post in October of 2008? (This was a few years before Naomi became an ISIS truther and supporter of burqas as feminist empowerment. I guess some theologically-driven repressive police states are better than others.)

Or as Glenn noted on Monday, “Every 4 years the GOP nominee is literally Hitler. A few years later — sometimes, as in Mitt Romney’s case, as few as 4 years after he was accused of giving a woman cancer — that formerly-Hitler nominee becomes the standard of once-great GOP nominees to which the current nominee fall short.”

Which brings us to this headline: “Daily Beast Columnist [Michael Tomasky]: Dubya Can Redeem Himself By Trashing Trump.”

I don’t think Dubya is losing a whole lot of sleep over what anyone at a Website built out of the wreckage of the Washington Post’s “We Are Socialists Now” Newsweek thinks about him. That is, other than chuckling at how every Republican president, not least of which Nixon and Reagan, is assaulted by the left while actually in power, then rehabilitated to be used as a cudgel to attack the current nominee.