DENIAL DIES IN DALLAS, Richard Fernandez writes:

Dallas leaves the Narrative with no place to go. What’ll it be? Withdraw the police from the streets? Crack down on the usual suspects? Announce this was the work of that Jayvee team, ISIS? Close the borders? Confiscate the guns? Call in the FBI?

Or maybe we can listen to another speech about how hatred is on its last legs? There’s nowhere to turn without admitting failure. Or perhaps we can just change the subject and talk about the war on women and Christian hatred? What’ll it be? It’s always worked before, maybe it’ll work again… Denial will no longer work. That is the single most important thing to understand.

When Democrats with bylines were busy in 2008 churning out endless articles on what kind of transformative president their self described “blank screen on which people of vastly different political stripes project their own views” would be, Lyndon Johnson rarely made the list. But the Obama administration began with a typically disastrous Great Society-style program (Obamacare), spent its middle years micromanaging from the White House a war they seemed oddly determined to lose and now spend their waning days “recreating ’68,” as the left promised it would do in 2008.

And Hillary is campaigning as his successor. Four more years of this?