WITH DNC IN MIND, CITY BANS CARRYING FECES, URINE: Man Violently Shoves Feces-Filled Bag Down Woman’s Pants on Upper East Side: NYPD.

Not surprisingly, as Twitchy adds, “Media report on suspect wanted in NYC feces attack leaves out crucial detail.”

Elsewhere in Bill de Blasio’s “fundamentally transformed” New York, naked man takes over Times Square, screams “Donald Trump where the f*** are you?”

Related: “Mayor Bill de Blasio’s new social media director has quit — saying in a scathing Facebook post that he had to do it to save his own ‘health and sanity’ from an office full of ‘political hacks plus a boss who just couldn’t get it.’”

Give former Chicago Tribune columnist Scott Kleinberg credit — he’s one up on Ben Rhodes, Josh Earnest, and the rest of the political hacks who enable their boss who doesn’t get it at the other end of the Northeast Corridor.