“MAYOR STEVE ADLER IS SCAMMING THE AUSTIN TECH COMMUNITY…Adler and the City Council knowingly work to make Austin less safe. Think I’m exaggerating? Here’s a quote from the hearings:”

>> Mayor Adler: And people driving intoxicated on the road, do you think if we took a decision that had the practical effect, the loss of tncs [Transportation Network Companies, i.e. Uber and Lyft] at scale, that would make the city less safe?

>> I think you asked the same question. And I’ll try to answer it as best as I can. Or let reiterate the question to you. Are you asking me to make the decision of what makes the city less safe, having no tncs, and potentially more DUIs, or having consumers getting a ride from somebody –

>> Mayor Adler: Absolutely not. There was nothing in my question that talked about the sexual assault issue. You and I discussed the sexual assault issue. I thanked you for that and put the topic aside. The questions I’m asking you now about DUIs on our streets. I’m asking you, if this council makes a decision that has effect of losing tncs at scale, would that make the city less safe?

>> Yes, it would.

>> Mayor Adler: Thank you.

[Applause ]

Plus: “The City of Austin is the hot girl from high school who wanted you to do her homework and then just go away.”

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