LIBERAL DEATH MATCH: Nau’s Enfield Drug and the Old Austin Neighborhood Association:

The neighborhood hanky-twisters purport both to love Nau’s, even if they don’t actually buy anything there, and to prefer the Labay family’s unairconditioned and collapsing house over literally anything else that might be built there. Since the sale of the latter is considered essential for the survival of the former (please do not ask us to explain that reasoning, we only report on the Austin liberal’s mind), this has put the Old Austin Neighborhood Association in to a defensive crouch. And, as everybody knows, an activist’s defensive crouch is comedy gold for normal people.

Or as Iowahawk quips sardonically, “Sorry we can’t let you sell your ‘historic’ dilapidated shack on a $1.5 million lot, but please pay the taxes.”

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