SCENES FROM ANGELA MERKEL’S GERMANY: 3 asylum seekers arrested for sexual assaults at music fest.

In total 26 women have made statements to police about cases of sexual assault at the Schlossgrabenfest, a free music festival in the central German town, a spokesperson told The Local.

Of the 14 reports, some involve several women and only after further investigations will it become clear how many of the women were victims of sexual assaults, police said.

Three of the women had gone straight to police who were on patrol at the four-day festival on Saturday night.

The women complained that they had been encircled and then sexually harassed by a group of men they described as being of south Asian appearance.

Police were then able to arrest three men at the site of the festival. All three were between the ages of 28 and 31 and are asylum seekers from Pakistan, a spokesperson confirmed to The Local.

Darmstadt police added that “Up until this year we have had no cases of sexual assault where men surround women, like we have this year.”