RUN, BERNIE, RUN: Believing he can win California, Bernie Sanders stumps in Oakland.

Moments before he stepped outside Oakland City Hall to rally more than 11,000 adoring fans, Sanders pointed to the Golden State Warriors as proof that the final buzzer hadn’t yet sounded on his presidential campaign.

“They were down three games to one, and they came back,” said Sanders, who got to watch to watch the Warriors complete their comeback inside Oracle Arena.

“Well, we started out pretty far behind. And, I think we’re going to come back as well.”

While Clinton has a seemingly insurmountable lead in pledged delegates, she still needs the backing of top Democratic Party officials, known as superdelegates, to secure the nomination. Sanders is soldiering on, insisting that he will make the case to those leaders that he is their best chance for beating Donald Trump.

C’mon, superdelegates — there’s no better time than right now to starting feeling the Bern.