Hillary Clinton has Loretta Lynch overseeing the e-mail investigation; Mark Zuckerberg is doing a vigorous “internal investigation” of bias against conservatives; and now, to complete the virtuous circle, the New York Times has appointed an Upper West Side apparatchik as its new ombudswoman.

Elizabeth Spayd, editor of Columbia Journalism Review and a former longtime editor at the Washington Post, is the Times’ new “public editor” (they long ago eschewed the title “ombudsman”, likely due to the –man participle).

Columbia Journalism Review is, of course, the dowager enforcer of the old guard – now largely toothless but still peering down at the dying newspaper world through her spectacles, drooling into a spittoon. It’s not possible to be less connected to the realities of 2016 media than this retread to 1972.

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Flashback: Hugh Hewitt on Columbia Journalism School, “The Media’s Ancien Régime,” Matthew Continetti on the New York Times as an extended Saved By the Bell episode.