May 25, 2016


Listen to the raw audio; it’s yet another reminder that anyone being interviewed should always demand to record separate audio and/or video. If if the producer or journalist refuses, you can pretty much be assured of what’s to come.

UPDATE: Via the Washington Free Beacon, here’s how Couric’s “documentary” presented the exchange with the Virginia Citizens Defense League. Compare the audio version of what happens after the same question, which can also be found at the Beacon’s link. As the WFB notes, “Misleading editing used to make gun advocates appear stumped by simple question.”

More: “What they were actually up to here is something ‘The Daily Show’ has been accused of for years, truncating long exchanges from interviews to make it seem as though the subject is an imbecile who hasn’t anticipated the most basic challenges to his position,” Allahpundit writes, adding, “By the way: Guess where Katie was last night to promote this hatchet job. Right.”

(Bumped and updated.)

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