DISPATCHES FROM THE EDUCATION APOCALYPSE: “We suspect that all the new rhetoric about ‘trigger warnings’ and ‘micro-aggressions’ may be motivated in large part by a grubby desire for power masquerading as a desire for justice (and sweetened, of course, by the gratifying limelight of notoriety). But the unifying trope has also relied heavily on that invocation of safety. Many readers, we’d wager, will remember that pathetic Yale female, who, in the midst of screaming obscenities at the Master of her college, demanded that he step down from his position because he had failed to create ‘a place of comfort, a home’ for students. Never mind that every one of the campuses that has made headlines is, physically, among the safest and most pampered environments ever contrived by the ingenuity of mankind. That’s one of the things that $65,000-plus per annum gets you: not only a large dollop of moral smugness but also a lavishly protected environment—Pampers, so to speak, for the spirit if not for the body…‘We are,’ as G. K. Chesterton observed in another context, ‘on the road to producing a race of men too mentally modest to believe in the multiplication table.’”

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Update: I linked to Betsy Newmark as part of the her daily news aggregation for the above passage, but it originally appeared in the New Criterion.