MAKE INSANE CONSPIRACY THEORIES GREAT AGAIN! Donald Trump Thinks Ted Cruz’s Father Killed JFK, And In No Way Does That Make Him A Crazy Person.

Related: “PolitiFact’s facial recognition scan of Rafael Cruz hours too late to save campaign,” Twitchy notes. “As long as we’re taking conspiracy theories seriously, check out the timestamp on PolitiFact’s tweet, showing that it was posted after the first polls had closed in Indiana. Who knows how many votes could have been salvaged if this important information had been brought to light even a few hours earlier.”

Kudos though to Jake Tapper of CNN for taking the effort to debunk Trump’s smear a bit more seriously.

Flashback: My 2007 Tech Central Station interview with James Piereson on his must-read book, Camelot and the Cultural Revolution: How the Assassination of John F. Kennedy Shattered American Liberalism. As I noted in the intro, Piereson argues “both that Kennedy was a victim of the Cold War, and that the repression of his killer’s ideology caused tremendous psychological damage to the collective health of the nation.”

Damage that is still ongoing, as yesterday’s conspiracy theory freakout by Trump illustrates, as America continues to slide back and to the left…back and to the left…