VIDEO: CRUZ TAKES ON TRUMP SUPPORTER IN INDIANA FOR SEVEN MINUTES: “At least I think it’s a Trump supporter,” Allahpundit quips. “This guy comes off as more of a parody of a Trump supporter, unable to explain why he likes Trump except that he likes ‘the wall,’ so who knows. Confrontation videos like this are always eye-of-the-beholder stuff, though, so Cruz fans will probably see it as a case of Cruz showing admirable patience in trying to reason with an opponent and Trump fans will probably see it as Sunglasses having dropped a sick burn on Lyin’ Ted, bro. Here’s a fun idea, though: Re-interview this guy a year from now after Trump has gone down in flames and President Hillary’s preparing to sign an amnesty bill that Chuck Schumer just ushered through a Democratic Senate. See what he thinks about the wall then.”