SCLEROTIC HYPOCRITICAL GRAY LADY DOESN’T PRACTICE WHAT SHE PREACHES. French dis-connection: The New York Times flees its own labor utopia:

The New York Times, which has never met a pro-union rule it didn’t like, has suddenly found notoriously pro-labor France too expensive a place to do business.

So, as The Post’s Claire Atkinson first reported, the paper is eliminating 70 positions from its Paris operation, with editing and print-production functions relocated to New York and Hong Kong.

To be fair, the Times editorial page has faulted French labor laws. But that hasn’t stopped it from pushing similar insanity here at home.

The Times’ editors are waging a nonstop campaign to impose a $15 minimum wage across America*. They’re also pushing for universal paid-family-leave mandates.

As Robert Conquest once noted in the first of his Three Laws of Politics, “Everyone is conservative about what he knows best” – even Pinch Sulzberger, it turns out.

* Ironically, an earlier, saner Gray Lady warned against such folly.