WEST HOLLYWOOD MAYOR TO TRUMP: YOU’RE NOT WELCOME HERE! Trump could — and should — have plenty of fun pushing back against “low-level Democratic functionaries like Lindsey Horvath,” via a carpet-bombing of Alinsky-style ridicule, Allahpundit writes:

He never would have scheduled a rally in West Hollywood before this, I’m sure, but he’d be a chump not to schedule one now. Make a spectacle of Horvath’s lame attempt at left-wing “safe space” censorship. Plan a rally and then, when the permit’s denied, sue the pants off of her and her administration on First Amendment grounds. He’d very likely win, which would be a nice feather in his cap, and win or lose he could say that he feels duty bound to stand up for free speech against politically correct government bullies. Even his critics, starting with me, would back him up.

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