March 25, 2016

WELL, YES: Emory student Amelia Sims says calling campaign slogans ‘hate speech’ is a threat to our democracy.

In response to the recent Trump 2016 “chalkening,” the Emory College Republicans chair writes:

Shortly after the incident, several student groups sent out a petition demanding Trump support be recognized as hate speech.

Many see President Wagner’s email as a harmless appeasement of the protesters’ demands. However, one should not underestimate the kind of precedent his response sets.

While the chalkers may have violated some parts of the vague chalking policy, the remedy for these violations is stated to be a clean-up fee, not a conduct hearing.

Additionally, the president’s statements seem to implicitly contradict support of free speech on campus. Conceding to campus loud-mouths is not a way to have respectful dialogue.

“Respectful dialogue” is hardly the aim of today’s campus crybullies.

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