March 19, 2016

SOMEBODY’S TAKING THEIR BOSS’S WHOLE “GET IN THEIR FACES” AND “PUNCH BACK TWICE AS HARD” RHETORIC A TAD TOO LITERALLY: “Illinois Rep. Cynthia Soto’s daughter and another campaign volunteer are accused of attacking aspiring politician Robert Zwolinski, who ran against Soto in the Democratic primary this week. Jessica Soto and Bradley Fichter, both 26, are each charged with three felony counts of aggravated battery in connection with the assault on the 30-year-old man…. Zwolinski said he saw Jessica Soto and Fichter were putting up signs near his office. When he approached them, both allegedly started hitting him and struck him in the head with a bottle and staple gun before running away.”

Why are Democrat politics such cesspits of blue-on-blue violence?

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