March 11, 2016

‘WHOA’: TRUMP RALLY IN CHICAGO REPORTEDLY CANCELLED; Update from Trump campaign; Update: ‘Absolute chaos’; Update: ‘Nazis’ vs. ‘Communists’; Update: Now going after police cars, cops; Update: Trump tells MSNBC, ‘you can’t even have a rally anymore in this country.’

UPDATE:  Alex Seitz-Wald of MSNBC tweets, “Big (unofficial) pro-Sanders group that grew out of Occupy takes credit for pro-Sanders Trump rally disruptions.” He links to this tweet by the “People For Bernie” account:


“We are the danger,” People for Bernie adds:


“Buzzfeed reporter [Tracy Clayton] celebrates Chicago chaos and intolerance,” writes Richard Grenell:


Former Comcast-NBC spokeswoman Melissa Harris-Perry sounds like she’s OK with the riot:


Question asked and answered:


UPDATE: “Hey, it’s 1968 with Internet.” And from Paul Mirengoff at Power Line, “With no sense of irony, the protesters, having successfully shut Trump down, chanted ‘this is what democracy looks like.’ Many of them also chanted ‘Bernie,’ suggesting that they really mean ‘this is what Democratic Socialism looks like.’ In so, they probably aren’t wrong.”

UPDATE (8:35 PM PST): “MoveOn. org takes credit for #TrumpRally shut down, vows more disruptions.”

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