March 9, 2016

BREAKING NEWS: Fifth Beatle dies aged 90: Ringo Starr announces death of Sir George Martin, producer for the legendary band.

The multitrack recording techniques that Martin developed to extend the Beatles’ sound are still very much in use today, as is legendary Abbey Road Studios, which Martin kitted out after a tour of the then-more sophisticated American studios of the ’50s. His 1970s autobiography All You Need is Ears is an enjoyable read for both the casual Beatles fan and someone interested in how they developed their sound, along with a look at Martin’s improbable earlier career, recording comedic acts such as Peter Sellers and the Goons, and his post-Beatles career, such as writing the soundtrack for the Bond film Live and Let Die, and arranging and producing its title song, written by Paul McCartney. A true legend in the music industry has passed; RIP.


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