February 29, 2016

OSCAR RATINGS FALL LIKE A ROCK, screams Drudge’s latest headline, linking to a Deadline Hollywood article noting that “Return Of Chris Rock Sees Show Hit 8-Year Low” in the ratings.

Kudos to Rock’s efforts to pushback against his fellow leftists’ raging PC, but who wanted to watch what amounted to an evening’s worth of MSNBC, albeit with the hosts in tuxes and evening gowns?

Academy member and Maximum Pajamahadeen Emeritus Roger Simon writes “Mea Culpa… I Forgot to Vote in the Oscars!”

For the first time since I was invited into the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences (writers branch) in 1983, I forgot to vote in the Oscars.  I did see the nominated movies, but somehow neglected to go online and cast my final ballot.

Freudian slip? Who knows?  But I wasn’t the only one.  America forgot to watch!

Well, not all of America.  The show got a 23.1 share in something called “metered market results.” But that was down 6% from last year, a negative trend that has been going on for a decade.

Perhaps the public is getting sick of being hectored about climate change, etc. by actors who make twenty-five million dollars a picture, own yachts, and fly around in private jets.  It’s a veritable orgy of moral narcissism.

Author/actor/game show host Ben Stein adds “No More Oscars for Me:”

But just a minute. Isn’t Biden a huge Democrat? Isn’t he a pal of Bill and Hillary? Isn’t Bill the most reckless and prolific sex abuser in state and federal government of all time? Hasn’t his whole life been about using his power and status to take advantage of young women? Hasn’t HRC’s been about intimidating and threatening and blackmailing young women to keep them hushed up about Bill’s attacks — including widely reported rapes?

Haven’t the whole Democrat party and its lackeys in the MSM united in lockstep to protect the Clintons from the consequences of his crimes? And so, now these people are preaching to us to act better about sex abuse of young girls?

And isn’t Hollywood’s main task to sell young people tickets to movies that involve illicit sex? Aren’t almost all youth comedies about seducing drunken girls? And Hollywood is not supposed to be the moral guardian of the girls and young women of the nation? Isn’t this like sending a Madam to guard a nunnery? Or a fox to guard a chicken coop?

The hypocrisy is perfect.

And fortunately, the majority of Americans know it.

Exit quip: “‘Now, gas up my private jet!’ — Leo #Oscars.”

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