February 29, 2016

NANCY PELOSI TO DONORS IN 2010: “I feel like I’m dealing with the junior senator from Illinois.”

California Rep. Nancy Pelosi disparagingly referred to President Obama as “the junior senator from Illinois” during a meeting with wealthy Democratic donors just after the party was trounced in 2010’s mid-term elections, according to an email that Sidney Blumenthal sent to then Sec. of State Hillary Clinton.

“When I go to the White House I feel like I’m dealing with the junior senator from Illinois,” is what Blumenthal claimed Pelosi told a group of people gathered at the Democracy Alliance’s annual meeting, held in mid-Nov. 2010.

The email was contained in the batch of records released by the State Department on Friday.

I wonder what Pelosi thinks of a former Secretary of State who lets juicy items like this one slip from her formerly private email server.

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