February 26, 2016

BOTTOM STORY OF THE DAY: The New Republic Is Sold:

Chris Hughes, the owner of The New Republic, said on Friday that he had sold the magazine to Win McCormack, a publisher and editor based in New York and Portland, Ore., who founded the literary quarterly Tin House.

Mr. McCormack will appoint Hamilton Fish, the publisher of The Washington Spectator and a former publisher of The Nation, to be publisher and editorial director, The New Republic said.

Mr. Hughes, a Facebook founder whose tenure at the magazine was marked by turmoil, including the resignations of multiple employees protesting his decision to replace its top editor, signaled an intention to sell last month. Mr. McCormack’s and Mr. Fish’s backgrounds in journalism and progressive politics, he said, “make them uniquely qualified to lead such a historic institution. I look forward to watching their progress over the years to come.”

Ham Fish to oversee dead carcass!

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