February 26, 2016

HARVEY WEINSTEIN’S ELIMINATIONIST RHETORIC. Here’s the founder of Miramax in early 2014, channeling the left’s post-Tucson “new civililty” tone:

A day after he announced he was going to make a film taking on the NRA with Meryl Streep, Harvey Weinstein — the producer of several violent films — told CNN’s Piers Morgan in an interview to air tonight that he has had a change of heart about violent content in film. Asked by Morgan about his hypocrisy of making these violent films, Weinstein said, “They have a point. You have to look in the mirror, too. I have to choose movies that aren’t violent or as violent as they used to be. I know for me personally, you know, I can’t continue to do that. The change starts here. It has already. For me, I can’t do it. I can’t make one movie and say this is what I want for my kids and then just go out and be a hypocrite.”

As Deadline Hollywood noted at the time, “Harvey Weinstein Has Change of Heart On Violence In Films.” But not violent eliminationist rhetoric in his language, as this Hollywood Reporter headline from yesterday vividly illustrates: “Oscars: Harvey Weinstein Discourages Boycott, Predicts Chris Rock Will ‘Annihilate’ Hollywood.”

Well, I’d tune in for that — as Red Skelton famously said after all of Hollywood seemed to show up for the 1958 funeral of Harry Cohn, an even more reviled studio head, “It proves what Harry always said: give the public what they want and they’ll come out for it.”

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