February 23, 2016


“Hillary Clinton: The Leader You Want When The World Ends.”

—Headline, BuzzFeed, today.

“‘He maybe the last voice we ever hear’: Veteran actor Dick Van Dyke releases video endorsing Bernie Sanders calling for voters to ‘hear the alarm he’s sounding.’”

—Headline, the London Daily Mail today.

And as Spike Lee adds, “Ninety-nine percent of Americans were hurt by the Great Recession of 2008 and many are still recovering, and that’s why I am officially endorsing my brother Bernie Sanders.” All of which is a reminder that the last 16 years which comprise President Bush’s four terms in office have left Democrats more than a little on edge and worried about who will succeed him.

Lee’s comments today are particularly odd since shortly before President Bush’s third election, he declared on MSNBC that America would witness two distinct eras: “You have B.B.: Before Barack and A.B.: After Barack,” a sea-change in history that was “predeortained,” the veteran writer-director-malaprop inventor added.

But whatever happened to that “Barack” fella that he spoke of?

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