February 18, 2016


Shot: “Meet the Leader of the National Socialist American Workers Party.”

—Michael Walsh on Shepard Fairey’s T-shirt logo for Bernie Sanders, today.

Chaser: Creating the title sequence for Amazon’s The Man in the High Castle TV series.

—The Art of the Title, February 2nd.

“And here’s the delightful capper,” from Jim Treacher at the Daily Caller: “Hillary Clinton’s press secretary isn’t too happy that she didn’t get Fairey’s blessing. Again,” Treacher notes, along with some background on how Fairey “stole a photo of Obama from the Associated Press to make the [2008] ‘HOPE’ poster, then lied about it during the huge legal mess, and his own lawyers quit, and it was a whole big thing.”


UPDATE: “That’s the problem with Socialism, eventually you run out of other people’s artwork.”

And from 2008, Gerard Van der Leun on Fairey’s improbable backstory, or the secret Obama-Andre the Giant connection revealed!

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