weekly_standard_socialist_hippie_bus_1-28-16-2WHAT NEXT FOR THE LEFT? “The progressives go from bad to worse,” James W. Ceaser writes in new issue of the Weekly Standard. (Love the accompanying cover illustration):

“Modern progressivism has driven much of American politics for the past seven years. It now fully owns the Democratic party. President Obama failed to achieve the general electoral realignment that many anticipated after 2008, but he succeeded in creating an ideological realignment within his own party. The result was attained by subtraction. Advocates of rival positions — New Democrats, “blue dogs,” pro-lifers — were either sacrificed or induced to sacrifice themselves. The Democratic party is now divided between a progressive wing and a more progressive wing, one that openly wears the label of socialist.”

I’d joke that once you go full Weimar, adding a soupçon of nationalism to your socialism is the next logical step — but Bernie Sanders is way ahead of me!