“Bernie [Sanders] is speaking to a yearning that is deep and real,” Biden told CNN’s Gloria Borger. “And that is the absolute enormous concentration of wealth in a small group of people, with the middle class, now being shown, being left out.”

When Borger pointed out that, “Hillary’s been talking about that as well,” Biden was undeterred.

“It’s relatively new for Hillary to talk about that,” he said. “Hillary’s focus has been on other things up to now, and that’s been Bernie’s — nobody questions Bernie’s authenticity on those issues. . . . I think they question everybody’s who hasn’t been talking about it all along, but I think she’s come forward with some really thoughtful approaches to deal with the issue.”

You don’t say this sort of thing if you’re enthusiastic about Clinton being the Democratic nominee in 2016. Either the vice president wants to ensure that Sanders gets a fair shot at the nomination, or he’s itching to reverse his own decision not to run in 2016.

Related: “There’s a sweat-bead reunion on Hillary Clinton’s brow, and the minions are starting to mutter. It wasn’t supposed to be like this. Not this time. This time, there would be no hypnotic upstarts waiting patiently in the wings. This time, the bleak lessons of Iowa would have been learned and internalized. This time, the Clintonian personality would be calibrated to exquisite perfection. There would be challengers, of course. But they would be there to serve as a benign foil and to make the victories appear less regal. They weren’t supposed to be fundraising at a breakneck speed. They weren’t supposed to be leading in the early theaters of war. And they certainly weren’t supposed to be approaching national parity. That tragic play has been staged already; this one was to have a new and updated script.”

UPDATE: You should probably start PANICKING right about now! – Jake Tapper to Hillary Clinton, earlier today.