A QUESTION SHE’LL NEVER BE ASKED: Would today’s Hillary Clinton would have supported the Bill Clinton of the 1990s if he weren’t her husband?, ponders Betsy Newmark.

And speaking of a nation whose elites have moved far to the left of where they were in the mid-1990s, also at the same link as part of Betsy’s aggregation of news stories, Dan Henninger on the “Revolt of the Politically Incorrect — Donald Trump and Ben Carson popped the valves on decades of pent-up PC pressure.” As Henninger writes, “The PC game has always been: We win, you lose, get over it, comply. But people don’t get over it, and they never forget. For a lot of voters now, possibly a majority, their experiences with enforceable, politically correct behavior, speech and thought have bred a broad mistrust of elites.”

Who have chosen the form of their destructor, to coin an Insta-phrase.