THREE STRIKES AND YOU’RE OUT FOR ROBERT REDFORD: In 2013 the former actor turned far left proselytizer praised Bill Ayers’ Weathermen terrorist group, in a film whose national debut overlapped the Tsarnaev brothers’ Boston Marathon bombing. In 2015, Redford glowingly portrayed Dan Rather in a little-seen movie. In-between?

Redford is known for both his impeccable film resume and creating The Sundance Film Festival. He recently broadened his empire to include reality television. Specifically, he executive produced an eight-part series focusing on Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel.

Yes, the same politician currently clinging to his job thanks to his questionable leadership.

The eight-part “Chicagoland” debuted on CNN in 2014 to tepid reviews and weak ratings. That’s not the noteworthy part. The series ended up being a love letter to Emanuel.

As Christian Toto asks, “Should CNN, Robert Redford Apologize for ‘Chicagoland?’”

Given Rahm Emanuel’s sudden reputation as a pariah amongst his fellow leftists, they would be required to, if CNN’s core viewers could even remember what they’ve seen on the network that largely exists these days as a conduit between the Obama White House, its cronies such as Emanuel, and the departure lounges of the American airport system.

UPDATE: Emails show Emanuel aides, producers coordinated CNN ‘Chicagoland’ scenes.