December 29, 2015


● “HuffPo’: Netflix Binge Watching Is ‘Killing the Planet.’

—Headline, PJ Media’s Stephen Kruiser, summarizing a HuffPo article from yesterday.

“What to Watch on Netflix.”

—Regularly recurring section at the Huffington Post, including at least one article headlined, “What To Binge-Watch Over The Long Weekend.”

Also from yesterday: Huffington Post: Unplug Those Christmas Lights, You Energy-Guzzling Americans!

Well, the time-out during the 1960s and ‘70s when the left didn’t act like puritanical scolds was fun while it lasted — the “ban all the thingz!!!!” modern day Comstocks at the HuffPo are merely returning “Progressivism” to its form around this same time a century ago.

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