SHOT: Senior Obama officials have warned of challenges in screening refugees from Syria.

Chaser: Homeless Man Allegedly Lived In Army Barracks As Soldier For 8 Months:

“For the last 8 months, a civilian with a fake [common access] card has been living in the [Special Forces Group] temp barracks claiming to be an [explosive ordinance disposal] tech,” the post says. “So embedded he was, that he had been dropping new privates off at in-processing.”

The fake soldier (whose name remains unknown) was apparently a popular man around the base. “[He] was instantly a friend to everyone,” was skilled at dominoes, and he “knew all the cool places in Fayetteville,” the post notes. It’s unclear whether other special forces members were aware the man was a fraud.

The man was caught driving under the influence Tuesday, and his story began to fall apart. Military police searched his room, reportedly discovering stolen army equipment (including rifle ammunition and a uniform), along with “a large cache of DVD porn.” The man even reportedly had a roster full of soldiers’ personal information.

Shades of the episode of Seinfeld where Kramer keeps showing up for work at a company that never hired him, meets any number of M*A*S*H episodes.

On a more serious note, “CNN is reporting that an alleged ISIS supporter has been indicted on charges that he had planned to attack last year’s Super Bowl with pipe bombs…Abdul Malik Abdul Kareem had previously been indicted on charges of arming and training the two men who were killed by security when they fired on Pamela Gellar’s ‘Draw Muhammad’ art contest in Garland, Texas, in May.”

If Kareem’s alleged attack on the Super Bowl had been successful, would CNN be claiming that NFL fans totally had it coming, as they did when the network interviewed Geller?