THOU SHALT NOT DISTURB THE OFFICIAL NARRATIVE! ‘Thank You, We’re Done’: “CNN’s Don Lemon abruptly ended an interview with conservative commentator Kurt Schlichter after the conversation veered from Donald Trump‘s recent comments about Hillary Clinton‘s bathroom use to a heated back and forth about President Bill Clinton‘s sexual trysts.”

The extracurricular Oval Office activities of a former president who may be returning there in 2017 as America’s “First Gentlemen?” Verboten! Asking if something “supernatural” or if “a black hole” swallowed up Malaysian Airlines Flight 370? Just another day in front of the CNN cameras for Don Lemon.

Or as CNN president Jeff Zucker has said, “Don, don’t be an idiot.”

Update: “Apparently, get this, CNN had a permissible opinion it intended/demanded its guest to echo.”