“THE NEW YORK TIMES IS A TWO-WAY HERO,” Ace snarks, after our television-obsessed president muttered to his interviewer that he botched his response to Paris and San Bernadino because he didn’t watch sufficient news coverage on cable TV. “They not only highlighted this admission of Obama by deleting it, but they’ve now left evidence of their ridiculous partisan drive to actively destroy the news in order to serve as handmaidens of the White House Communications shop.

At the Federalist, Sean Davis notes that in addition to memory holing the passage that President Chauncey Gardner blew off TV watching during those events, “The unexplained deletion of that major passage wasn’t the only significant change made to the story since it was first published. New York Times editors also changed the story’s headline four separate times, according to Newsdiffs.org. Each headline revision either put Obama in a better light or put the GOP in a worse one.”

And as Davis adds, the Times tried to claim that their deletion of Chauncey Gardner’s lack of TV watching was removed for space requirements, not as a favor to the administration (and Hillary, its would-be successor). “The section that was removed contained 66 words. The section that was added in its place contained 116 words. If the New York Times was indeed ‘trimming for space’ in that particular revision, it will need to explain why its revision to that section added 50 words.”

Exit quote from Ace. “The only question is: What was he watching on TV instead of news about the terrorist attacks? I know he was watching TV, because this is one TV-watchin’ motherf***er.“


Here’s the Google cache of how the Times originally reported the story, from our post this morning: