STREET ARTIST SABO STRIKES AGAIN: Signs declare Hollywood a “Jihad Free Zone,” courtesy of Sabo, who previously created the subversive image of a heavily-tatted up Ted Cruz and “Undocumented Democrats say Dump Trump” ads among numerous other brilliant Photoshops:

“If you truly love your family, your friends, your co-workers, yourself, you will make your area a “safe space” from Islamic terrorism by getting one of these signs,” the artist writes.

He notes the design is “officially” his fastest-censored design to date.

“Santa Monica, LACMA and Beverly Hills have declined my services by ripping down my ‘safe zone’ posters,” he notes.

Huh – that seems odd; simply putting up a sign that declares an area free of violence has never failed to stop violent criminal behavior in the past. In any case, as Don Surber quips, “That is better protection than Obama and Congress have given us.”

Related: “CAIR issues Islamophobia watch over gun shop’s ‘Muslim Free Zone’ signs;” no word yet how the pretzel logic they will deploy to attack the multiple layers of subtext in Sabo’s latest offering.