November 19, 2015


All of which makes more grating Obama’s denunciation of Americans critical of his call to admit 10,000 refugees here. In Antalya he accused them of closing their hearts to victims of violence and of being “not American” in suggesting prioritization of the Christian refugees who have been singled out for torture and murder.

He could have acknowledged people’s qualms as legitimate and argued at greater length, as former Ambassador to Iraq and Syria Ryan Crocker did in the Wall Street Journal, that we have processes in place that would effectively screen out terrorists. Or he could have proposed, like Speaker Paul Ryan, a pause before accepting any.

But that would have meant not taking cheap shots against the political opposition at home — the people who really make him angry.

And thus Obama begins his last year in office the way he came in, as the reverse Von Clausewitz,  the president who views American politics as the continuation of warfare by other means, to flip Von Clausewitz’s axiom on its head. As David Horowitz noted in 2009, it’s not just the Chicago way, it’s the Alinsky way. And he’d much rather focus on his own brand of domestic warfare, than anything going on overseas that would distract from it.

QED: Obama: I’m thinking I’ll spend my last year in office focused on gun control.

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