November 3, 2015

GERMAN TOWN OF 102 TO ‘WELCOME’ 750 REFUGEES, Rick Moran writes:

It’s amazing that Merkel never imagined that when you throw open the doors to your country, people beyond counting will want to come in. Nothing has been prepared for the crush of humanity that took Merkel up on her generosity. There is no shelter, no allowance for schooling for children, no plan to employ those who can work. Her ultimate goal — to change the demographic decline of her country so that more workers can support the rapidly growing number of retirees — could not justify the chaos and massive dislocations her refugee policy has wrought.

Meanwhile, the good people of Sumte — no doubt tolerant and broadminded — are about to be buried in an onslaught of Muslims who will be a supermajority in the tiny town. What are the chances of German law, German traditions, and German life being maintained in the face of people who want to change all that to suit their own preferences?

Before too long, I suspect the residents of Sumte won’t be so tolerant and broadminded.

Eh — what’s the worst that can happen? it’s Germany; they’ve always been a friendly, forgive and forget volk, after all.

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