October 31, 2015


Harvey Weinstein is said to be furious at Quentin Tarantino for going to an anti-police rally on Oct. 24 and calling cops “murderers.”

With police groups now calling for a boycott of the director’s “The Hateful Eight,” sources say Weinstein wants Tarantino to apologize, or at least walk back his comments.

“The last thing Harvey needs is a boycott that will scare off Oscar voters and hurt the box office,” said one insider.

But last year, talking with anti-Second Amendment zealot Piers Morgan, Weinstein promised that “I have to choose [to produce and distribute] movies that aren’t violent or as violent as they used to be. I know for me personally, you know, I can’t continue to do that.” So unless Tarantino’s Hateful Eight contains the elegiac tone of say, Woody Allen’s Interiors, wouldn’t be for the best if its box office was greatly reduced as a result of Tarantino’s spectacularly poor decision?

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