October 28, 2015

SURPRISE! CNBC DEBATE MODERATOR JOHN HARWOOD LIED ABOUT MARCO RUBIO’S TAX PLAN: “Harwood got his facts wrong. Very wrong. Embarrassingly wrong. We know this because Harwood himself admitted as much on Twitter earlier in October…Harwood refused to issue a correction before the debate audience he deliberately misled. The clock is now ticking on whether he’ll issue any correction at all.”

Related: FURIOUS Reince Priebus BLASTS CNBC debate moderators during CNN interview.

What did he expect hosting the debate on any network with the initials N.B.C. in its callsign? Or as Jon Gabriel of Ricochet asks, “We get it, CNBC moderators, you oppose all the GOP candidates. So why are you moderating our primary debate?”

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